Handheld uhf aviation radio

Handheld aviation radios have plenty of use cases, from primary to backup radio for pilots, ATC practice for student pilots, plane spotters, even drone pilots can benefit from having an aviation radio in their hand… These are the 7 best aviation handheld radios for pilots and non-pilots, with and without navigation. These models are great for pilots and aspiring pilots, whether it be as a backup radio, practice radio or even as the main form of communications and navigation.

Having access to a state-of-the-art communication and navigation system that fits in the palm of your hand is fantastic. This even has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that gives you 80mW of clear audio.

One of the best reasons to consider buying this handheld radio is the full-dot matrix display. It has a backlit keypad that makes using the radio easier than ever.

It can even store up to memory channels with 15 alphanumeric characters. Here is another solid handheld radio option from Yaesu.

Handheld VHF Aviation Radios

This model offers you both communications and navigation modes. Like the Yaesu model mentioned above, this gives you access to memory channels. The memory recall ability of this handheld radio is truly quite exceptional. People gravitate toward this handheld radio due to the full-dot matrix LCD display, the user-friendly icon-driven menu system, and the brightness of the backlit screen.

This is another compact and lightweight radio that works brilliantly. Those looking for another good handheld radio will find this offering from Icon to be worthwhile.

This handheld radio manages to stand out from the other options in a couple of important ways. One of the most noteworthy things about this radio is that it offers memory channels in 15 different memory groups, and you can have 12 different character names. The handheld radio has 6-watts of power, and it even has a waterproof rating of IP You should also note that this handheld radio includes a large mAh lithium-ion battery.

This means that it has a long operating time and is going to be convenient for you to use.

handheld uhf aviation radio

They have also designed this handheld radio to have a user-friendly interface with a large 2. For the more budget-conscious consumer or people who simply do not need GPS and navigational functionality, a COMM-only radio will suffice. These are 4 of the best and most popular models on the market today. Those who would prefer a handheld radio that only has the communication channels will be pleased with what this unit brings to the table.

It has the same IP57 waterproof rating, and it also offers 6-watts of power. It has user-friendly graphics screens, and the day mode even makes it easy to look at the unit in direct sunlight. This comm-only handheld radio gives users 5-watts of output power. The full-dot matrix display looks impressive, and it keeps visibility high in most conditions. This unit offers you mw of loud audio output. It is also 8. As you might expect from a Yaesu handheld radio, this one is going to offer you memory channels.

There are 15 alphanumeric characters to make use of. It has a menu system that is decidedly easy to operate, and programming your favorite channels is going to be so simple. This is another Icom handheld radio that is going to give you access to memory channels. There are 15 memory groups with 12 different character names for you to use.Morcom offers the most complete line of VHF equipment for aeronautical ground-to-air communications. Whether your needs are for a simple VHF-AM handheld or mobile radio, or if your requirement involves a sophisticated VHF Multimode nation-wide network, you will find the solution here.

For the mobile radio category, the IC-A is the unit of choice. Capable of working from a 12 V, as well as a 24 V power source this mobile VHF radio features a 10 W output and outstanding reliability in demanding operational requirements.

A state-of-the-art VHF transceiver that was designed to be most modern platform for air-to-ground communications, the T6 was designed to operate in an IP environment and can be totally software configured, either locally by connecting to its built-in web-server, or by a Remote Control and Monitoring System.

In addition to the traditional AM-Voice mode of operation, a number of data waveform options are also available, anticipating the continued growth in data-link services. This VHF base radio unit covers the to MHz frequency range extended frequency option available to MHz and has a maximum output power of 50 watts programmable to a lower power. This unit is type accepted by the FCC and the telecommunication authorities of many other countries. For a detailed description of this radio you may click here to download a data sheet.

The FSG-2T-PS is a portable VHF-AM transceiver used as a backup radio for air traffic control towers last resort VHF ground to air communications or as a transportable ground to air communications unit for field operations disaster relief coordination, temporary helicopter landing sites, military operations, etc. This is a reliable, robust easy to operate unit that operates in the range of P 5 W carrier. The unit comes in a sturdy metal case and includes a hand microphone, whip antenna, battery, and battery charger.

Morcom can supply radio transmitters and receivers in this band for use by authorized civilian and military applications. This compact, but rugged portable UHF unit made by Dittel is one of the only hand-held radios that operate over the complete MHz band in AM modulation.

In addition to this, it is water and shock proof, capable of operating in the most extreme conditions. A favorite with air forces around the world, the FSG is ideal for use as a search and rescue radio, forward air control FACand taxi-way operations. Please click here for the specifications of this unit.

The FSG is currently in use with all the U. The RTU is the only transceiver in the market specifically designed as a vehicular mobile UHF radio that can easily be installed in most vehicles.

A modern, compact design and compatibility with standard handsets this unit will provide you the flexibility you need at a price you can afford. The RTU has been proven in multiple applications with the U.Skip to main content. Aviation Handheld Radios. Customers also bought. Top rated See more. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

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10 Best Aviation Handheld Radios of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

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Best Handheld Aviation Radios [Top 5 2020]

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handheld uhf aviation radio

Sarasota Avionics. Wired Fox Technologies. Next Day MRO. Include Out of Stock. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.The aviation handheld radios are lightweight and easy to handle communication devices, unlike the fixed types.

They allow the pilot and his crew to communicate to control towers while onboard the aircraft. Operating on a principle similar to that of the intercom, this portable radio device is also used for exchanging navigation data. Updates on aircraft, weather, and other conditions are just some of the sources that can be retrieved by an aviation handheld radio.

TX RX 78 - Search More Efficiently with Alpha-Tagged Channels Finding the channel you want to listen to is easy, with channels divided into 10 storage banks. Organize your channels by department, location, area of interest, or any other way you prefer. Alpha Tagging lets you assign names to your channels, so you can keep track of who you are listening to. Check Price on Amazon. The Japanese company Uniden stands out for its renowned reputation for wireless communication.

Intending to help to develop human communications through technology, it always seeks to create and improve products in the making or already present on the market. This radio guarantees a series of frequencies corresponding to 25 MHz up to MHz. It has a large storage capacity of up to stations, which are divided into ten groups of Each channel and modulation mode is memorized. The Uniden scanner radio scans the initial frequencies toward the final frequencies for programming from 0 to 10 seconds.

And thanks to Close Call technology, it can identify frequencies that are nearby and which emits the strongest frequency range. It also automatically scans the 10 frequencies identified in the last position. Its functions can be programmed via a computer. But you will need to install the ARC application. This software will allow data management, as well as data copying and frequency search on internet browsing using the web capture option.

This is thanks to its LCD screen, level of brightness and contrast adjustment system. With intuitive lighting technology, it adapts to ambient light.

It saves energy during the day and increases clarity in a dark area. Sporting a compact design and very light finish, it weighs only g. It has a visual indicator of the received signal level, which can help with good transmission and better performance.

However, it comes with a negative point. While it is durable, has good sound quality and suitable for beginners, being a scanner that it is, it can only receive air bands.

Aeronautical VHF & UHF Radios

It will not transmit.Making radio calls often causes stress and discomfort to student pilots, listening to ATC conversations can be a great help to improve your own radio skills. Also for safety, a handheld radio can provide a great backup in case your aircraft radio fails or on the ground when walking around at an airport.

A portable radio is the ideal flight companion for every student pilot; it practically pays for itself by saving pilots both engine hours and fuel during preflight communications with the tower. When looking for a handheld aviation radio, there are a few factors to consider and look out for:. This might speak for itself, but always watch out for the very cheap radios; they are usually only receivers which you can only use to receive radio messages.

If your only intention is to listen to ATC conversations, a receiver would do the job. If you're really looking for a good handheld alternative to your aircraft's radio, a transceiver is what you need.

The inexpensive model is usually COMM-only, with the more expensive one also offering navigation functionalities. Recently, some of the newer models are equipped with a built-in GPS as well, to offer an even more valuable tool. This has the big advantage that they last very long and can easily be charged without replacing them. If you're flying in the EU, this is something very important to keep in mind.

handheld uhf aviation radio

SinceEU regulations have changed the spacing of the frequencies to 8,33 kHz, meaning for every single old frequency, there can now be three new ones. As a result, EU pilots are required to use radios that support 8,33 kHz spacing, making the older 25 kHz radios obsolete. Keep this in mind so you can operate your radio legally inside the EU and potentially other countries that might follow in the near future.

All radios mentioned in this guide support the 8,33 kHz narrow band. Featuring an extremely rugged Polycarbonate housing with an IPX5 Waterproof rating for use in harsh environments with rain, splash and spray. Loud mW audio output guarantees that radio calls will not be missed even in noisy environments.

The FTAL is 8. Learn more about this radio. Featuring the same easy to operate icon-driven menu system, on a large 1. The same loud mW internal audio speaker guarantees calls will not be missed. Its mAh Li-ion battery lasts over 17 hours and the radio includes a nice sit in rapid charger. The A16 internal speaker delivers a loud mW audio output with clear sound to cut through cabin or tarmac noise.

It's a powerful air band COM handheld with 6 watts of power and an IP57 waterproof rating; weather cannot stop these radios.Communication is key when it comes to piloting an aircraft which is why you need a handheld aviation radio from SkyGeek. Our selection of premium quality aircraft radios and transceivers are designed to make it easy to chat with ground control, communicate with your crew and more.

When it comes to piloting an aircraft, a high-quality aviation radio is a must-have addition to the cockpit. SkyGeek offers a generous selection of high-quality hand-held radios to choose from as well as value-priced VHF transceivers and other communication equipment to make sure you're always able to get your messages across loud and clear.

Handheld radios are designed to allow for instant two-way communication between the pilot and the ground. We carry several styles of aircraft radios to choose from including several wireless options to eliminate cord clutter and any added hassle.

Our handheld radios are compact and lightweight, making them easy to use and easy to store between flights. They're rugged enough to withstand the rigors of flight and can be used by hobby or commercial pilots with impressive results.

Each radio offered has its own unique set of features, so browse our selection today to find the right aviation radios for your needs. Our handheld radios are hand chosen by our in-house Geeks who are able to answer any questions you may have about the radio or its performance prior to ordering, but more information about a specific aviation handheld radio can be found by clicking on its image from the list shown here.

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